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Hamburger Law Offices, founded in 1997, is a national and international law firm providing a wide variety of legal services to clients worldwide, from offices in Amsterdam, Switzerland and Israel. The firm has wide experience in all areas of practice important to family law, mediation and collaborative divorce law.

Moving from one country to another can be challenging for families. Having family disputes in a foreign country is even more trying.  Being well informed helps to make optimal  decisions. We often come across with a different version of the same scenario.  ""I found myself in the Netherlands with  my husband and three year old son. Things don't go very well with us. There is a lot of conflict. We think of divorce...We don't know what options are available to us here."

There are several options available in the Netherlands for couples who are thinking of divorce or separation.

    1. Litigation - two partners have their own legal representatives, and they bring the case to the court in order to settle. Each representative works for one partner and tries to settle the case in a way which is best for the client. Decisions are made in the courtroom by the judge.
    2. Mediation - family mediation is a way to resolve conflicts based on co-operation. The mediator acts as an impartial third party for the couple in conflict and helps  both partners to come to agreement by themselves. The goal is to develop a mutually satisfying agreement for the couple and in the best interest for the children. The mediator does not make decisions, but rather assists the partners to communicate and reach workable solutions for themselves. The agreements are recorded by the mediator, and then are submitted by an attorney to a court and become a judgement.
    3. Collaboration or collaborative divorce law - When using a collaborative process to end a marriage or partnership, both partners have their lawyers, who are trained in collaboration. The goal of collaboration is to reach an agreement which is satisfying to all the parties involved in the family, both partners and children. In addition to two lawyers there is a collaborative coach who provides support to two partners and their lawyers. There may also be a financial professional or a child expert present during the collaborative process. All the parties agree to work for a common goal and to provide information and support to the couple to reach an agreement. All the information is always shared with all the parties present. The lawyers provide information, and do not represent one partner or another, but rather empower the couple to make informed choices. The collaborative process helps the couple to communicate, and to make sustainable future decisions about all aspects involving the reorganization of the family.

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Consultations and Support with Children and Communication From an International Expert

Santina Hovanessian provides expert advice at Hamburger Advocaten on child and communication related issues during family reorganization. She assists our clients to make sustainable and informed decisions about their children and future.

Santina  Hovanessian is a Canadian psychological consultant  who  resides in The Hague, The Netherlands. She shares her time between  lecturing   at  university and consulting.  Her lectures include topics like emotional intelligence, critical and creative thinking, self- awareness, human development and its influences, communication, self efficacy and many more. She has worked with corporate clients, businesses, students, children, couples and families for many years. In addition, she is also acollaborative process coach and is trained in mediation. In this context her area of concentration is facilitating the communication process during mediation/collaboration, and assessing settlements/plans and its consequences for children.  She  consults  families on adjustment of children and couples in family transitions.  She works in close collaboration with Hamburger Advocaten to provide expert support to our clients.  She assesses parental plans, and answers any questions our clients might have about adjustment.

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Firm Profile

Hamburger Law Offices LLP is a full-service law firm which provides legal advice in a wide range of practice areas including; Family Law, Corporate - Commercial Litigation, Wills & Estates, Adoption &, Collaborative Separation & Divorce, Family Mediation.
Our lawyers are highly skilled professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in their chosen areas of practice. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality of personalized legal services and to achieve results that serve their best interests.

Since 1997, we have helped our clients throughout Netherlands and Europe and Switzerland with innovative solutions to their legal problems. We are proud to have built long lasting relationships with our clients, earning a reputation for quality, cost-effective service, which has allowed us to become one of the most respected law firms in Amstelveen the Netherlands.