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Hamburger Advocaten is a law firm in Amstelveen, operating both nationally and internationally, cooperating with various foreign offices in various jurisdictions with more than 25 years of experience.

The office is focused on high-quality and client-oriented services. Clients can count on great expertise, process and consultancy experience and, above all, a creative approach.

The office also has a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer and a NMV certified mediator / divorce mediator, also a forensic mediator, who can act as an expert in mediation cases before the court. The mediator acts as a neutral interlocutor. An agreement is worked on together with both parties. There is not only an eye for the business side, but also the why and the deeper interests receive attention.

Hamburger Advocaten specializes and works in the following jurisdictions:

CETA treaty between EU and CANADA

Amstelveen, 12 July 2022

On February 15,2017 the europeanParliamant approved the CETA signed by CAnada and the European Union on October 30, 2016
Today the First Chamber accepted  today this treaty, so when the whole treaty will work is not clear. We let you know in adavance.  

Collaborative practice at a glance

Amstelveen, 11 July 2022

The end of a marriage or relationship can be tragic enough. Often, the process of divorcing only adds tot the pain. You and your spouse may come to see each other as adversaries and the divorce as a battleground. You may experience feelings of confusion, anger loss and conflict. Under such circumstances you might find it difficult to see an end to divorce, much less imagine a hopeful future afterwards.