Terms and Conditions

Registration, Confidentiality and ICT

Under the current Personal Data Protection Act, professional use of your data is permitted without notification. In addition, your data will be used in new cases to check for any conflict of interest (with you as a client).

The client agrees to electronic data exchange (internet and e-mail) and realizes that despite all security measures observed by the office, no absolute security can be given against consultation by unauthorized persons.

Rate change

Every year the agreed rate will be indexed with the average wage index. In addition, changes in the importance of the case, urgency and years of experience, specialisms can lead to (possibly temporary) adjustment of the agreed rate. However, this will be announced to you as soon as possible and in principle will not have retroactive effect.

Office Complaints Procedure

Our office complaints procedure applies to this agreement. This can also be found on our website. Our office complaints procedure also states to whom the complaint (dispute) can be submitted if the handling of the complaint has not led to the client's satisfaction.

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