Strategic Coaching

Everyone who is involved in his work needs development because this increases the chances of survival. This development requires insight into yourself and others. A coach is a communication expert who can promote this insight as an external expert by means of techniques. Without insight, growth is based on mere coincidence.

A coaching process is development-oriented and work-related. It can take place on three different levels individually, relational and system level.

A strategic coach creates mechanisms that promote or hinder success. To a large extent it is the elimination of inhibitions.

Why strategic coaching?

Because it is aimed at a long-term roadmap: where do I stand, where do I want to go, and how am I going to do that.

This step-by-step plan can be individually targeted are, relational being focused or at system level by which I mean that the development of autonomy of a team, a department or an organization as a whole is possible by teaching people to take their place, so that order and balance arise, the whole being more than the sum of the parts.

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