Private international law

International private law or IPR is the law that in an international situation will determine which legislation of which country is applicable, which court of which country is competent, and how other countries will possibly recognize and execute a court decision.

Also in family law (on nationality, descent, marriage, inheritance law) things can be complicated. It is quite possible that a Dutch judge must settle an inheritance according to Moroccan law, at least in so far as this law does not conflict with Dutch public order. In the family sphere, many international treaties have been concluded in The Hague, under the Hague Conference on Private International Law.

One can also think of international child abductions, a parent who takes the child to Morocco, Libya or Turkey. Abduction can also occur from America to the Netherlands, or from Netherlands to France.

Frequently here mediation is applied.

For mediation and international child abduction see (Centrum Internationale Kinderontvoering, Centrum IKO).

Different situations require different ways of responding. Therefore, make your choice from the situations below to get customized advice:

  • Your child threatens to be taken abroad
  • Your child has been taken abroad
  • You plan to return to the Netherlands from abroad with your child
  • You have returned to the Netherlands from abroad with your child


Here you will find information about what the police can do for you with regard to international child abduction. More information ...

Legal assistance

Here you will find information about legal assistance in the Netherlands and legal assistance within the European Union.

Furthermore, close collaboration with mr S. Hering - De Monchy, a lawyer in Zutphen who has special expertise in German law and specializes in Dutch-German commercial law, private law and international private law.

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