Inheritance law

How can your inheritance lawyer be helpful if a loved one or relative dies? In addition to the shock that this death brings about, many questions come up.

Your lawyer of Hamburger lawyers can help you with many questions. Our inheritance law specialist is also a certified mediator and is, if necessary, able to mediate between family members. Below we will explain a number of matters for you, in which case the inheritance lawyer can be of service to you.

The legacy and funeral

Unfortunately, things need to be put in order financially. Does the deceased leave money? Is there a debt to be paid? Who should arrange all this? Who should you call in if the legacy arises within the family?

The funeral must be arranged and paid for. The home of the deceased must be cleaned up and evacuated. How to deal with the lease or the property if the home of the deceased is himself?


Has the deceased left a will and how do you find out? Are you mentioned in the will and what do you have to do? And if no testament has been drawn up, what then applies? Are you entitled to your legitimate portion?

Or are you married for a second time and you have children with your new husband / wife. What, then, does the legal right for the retarded and your children? Are they eligible for part of the inheritance? Perhaps you are only thinking about this when you read this. You can of course also have your own testament drawn up with your wishes and ideas. Perhaps a turbot would be a solution?

There can also be very complicated questions in case a will is drawn up. Was the deceased willingly competent at the time of writing the will? What if the deceased was dementia and leaves everything to that nice nurse who has been taking care of him or her lately. Is that possible?

Legal division between second spouse and children from first marriage test, what should you do in such a situation when you are a second spouse?


What can I expect from an executor? What can you do if this is a family member who does not handle things properly in your eyes? Can you then act against this?

The European Inheritance Regulation

On August 17, 2015, the provisions of the European Inheritance Regulation enter into force. On an estate the law of the country applies where the deceased had his habitual residence at the time of death. From this main rule, the will can be deviated from by making a choice of law.

International / European inheritance law

Are you entitled to part of the inheritance if the deceased lives in Europe, is married there and you do not want to have anything to do with you? While you know that he / she is wealthy?


In addition to engaging a lawyer, you can also think of mediation in the form of mediation. You can even go even further if the matter is more complex and use our & nbsp; collaborative lawyer . In this context, two lawyers and a coach are trying to get all parties around the table and to settle the matter out of court by means of communication techniques.


Usufruct is the right to use other people's goods or to benefit from them, such as the rental income. The beneficiary of the usufruct is called 'usufructuary', the owner himself is called the 'bare owner'. With regard to the usufruct, you can ask questions in which a succession lawyer can help you.

The deceased's spouse is entitled to a usufructuary property and household effects, can the usufruct be also established on other property of the estate, and what procedure must be followed? Should a care need be demonstrated? Can the usufruct also be established under suspensive conditions? Can the usufruct be exercised if the rights of the right are already exercised?

Further topics where an inheritance lawyer can help

  • Legal status long-lived
  • Rights of the children (determination of the claim)
  • Rights of the children
  • The other legal rights of the children
  • Consequence of paternity action
  • The parental estate distribution
  • Differences and legal distribution agreements
  • Legal status long-lived
  • Rights of the children (determination of the claim)
  • The other legal rights of the children
  • Consequence of paternity action
  • The legitimate portion
  • Who is entitled to the legitimate?
  • Scope of legitimacy claim
  • What gifts can (not) be shortened?
  • Deviate shortening order
  • Non-claimability clause
  • Making the legitimate
  • valid
  • Consequence of paternity action
  • Executable
  • The person of the executor
  • Legal task and powers of executor
  • Deviations from statutory regulation by testator in testament
  • Powers of heirs against executor
  • Account and accountability for executor
  • Suspension and / or dismissal executor
  • Executor versus bankruptcy notary, who has the lead?
  • Explanation of testaments
  • Clear words and yet unclear
  • Circumstances under which testament is made
  • Disability
  • Explanation and tax authorities

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Proceeding in inheritance law is difficult and difficult. There are many different topics that an inheritance lawyer can assist you with.
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