Mediation and divorce mediation

Mediation is mediating, resolving conflicts with the help of a neutral conflict mediator: the mediator. The mediator makes no statement. He supervises the negotiations between the parties. The mediator helps them find a good solution for their conflict without the intervention of the judge. The mediation takes place on the basis of voluntary and confidentiality. Mediation is also called alternative dispute resolution or ADR.

What the NMv mediator does for you:

Mediation means: by means of sufficient commitment and the right communication, to arrive at a joint solution between the parties.

  • The interests of the parties are paramount and not the positions they take.
  • There are no winners nor losers.
  • Both parties win the same amount.
  • When there are children, parties on a parental plan and a child covenant.
  • The relationship between parties will change, but parents will always remain the parents of their children.
  • Parties learn to communicate differently in the future.
  • Reducing tensions and creating peace.

The mediator at Hamburger Advocaten is certified by Mediators federation Netherlands (MfN) and affiliated with the professional association of mediators (NMv). Reference is made to the Association of Family Lawyers & amp; Divorce Mediators (vFAS): , ,

More information about Mediation?

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