Rental right

A rent law lawyer can be of service to you in various matters. Examples are procedures to uncover defects; urgent repairs and renovations; sale breaks no rent; the rental price; & nbsp; sublease / co-rent; renting; setting rent or in-the-place statement.

Also for business rental problems such as retail or medium-sized business space; contract duration retail business space and other business premises / offices can help a lawyer specializing in rental matters.

The description of the area of ​​rent law is actually found in Section 7: 201 of the Dutch Civil Code: "Rent is the agreement whereby one party, the landlord, commits itself to the other party, the tenant, a business or a part of it in use and the tenant commits to a consideration "& nbsp;

How can a rent law lawyer help you?

As a tenant or landlord there are many questions and situations where a lawyer, specialized in rent law, can help you. A selection of the questions submitted to us as a lawyer:

  • When is there a lease agreement?
    • Rent is only available and therefore only of rent protection if a consideration is provided for the use of the living space
  • What three rental regimes exist?
    • The law provides specific rules for each rental regime. There is a distinction between living space, business space, other space, service residence, unfinished real estate and movable property.
  • What are the obligations of the landlord?
    • making available; this means that if a space is rented out and made available, it must also be able to function as such.
    • defects / non-compliance obligations; if the lessor fails to meet his maintenance obligations, this may lead to a (temporary) reduction of the rent payments due.
    • provide undisturbed pleasure; every natural or legal person is entitled to the undisturbed enjoyment of his property, this also applies to rent.
  • What are the obligations of the tenant?
    • comply with the compensation; this is usually the meeting of the agreed rental price
    • worn as a good tenant; the tenant must make necessary repairs and carry out the daily maintenance himself. When you leave the house, the house has to be delivered in the old state.
    • use according to the destination of the rented
  • How can you terminate your rental relationship?
    • rental notice in general
    • lease termination of business space; there are special rules for terminating the lease at business premises.
    • lease termination of living space
  • How does the transfer of rental rights work?
    • substitution; if the landlord does not agree with the transfer of rental rights, then the transfer may still be possible by means of a substitution, whereby the court replaces the new tenant, against the wishes of the landlord.
    • home exchange
    • fellow rent
    • sublease
  • What should I take into account the rents?
    • rental price test accommodation
    • lease revision of business space
    • How does a rental contract work?
    • deviation and supplement possibilities (semi-) mandatory law

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